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1. 12 Chapters including Career Guides, Lessons, Worksheets, & Quizzes covering Remote Work Best Practices, How to Build Your Confidence, The Art of Relationships, & How to Start Earning a 6-Figure Salary in The North American Market.

2. Proven Learning Techniques to close each major chapter & ensure you master Assertiveness Training, The Art of Career Promotion, The Importance of Getting Specialized, & Understanding Your Rights!

3. My real life underdog story, & how you'll be able to master the daily habits, principles, & guides in this course to transform your career

4. Career Guides including Personal Branding to Increase Your Chances of Getting Promoted

5. The Greatest Career, Business & Life Lessons I've learned working on over $100 Million dollars worth of projects as a seasoned Business & IT Consultant in Canada!

6. The Science and Secrets behind easy to follow Decisions, Routines, Habits, & Career Principles in todays business market. 

7. Proven Scientific Studies & Academic Psychometric Research to help you optimize your day with added passion, purpose and fulfillment.

8. Cutting edge Personal Growth & Goal Setting Strategies that will make you Unstoppable by helping you understand and Overcome your Greatest Fears.

9. Personality Test, Life Map, Weekly Goal Setting Guides, Assertiveness Training, Printable Daily Affirmation & Gratitude Guides,16-Week Daily Habits Worksheet Journal!

10. Your very own Authentic You Certificate of Recognition once you complete the course! 


Masterclass Testimonials

Here's what everyone is saying...

“As a Clinical Counsellor, Life Coach, Yoga Instructor and Facilitator, I’m a big advocate in helping my clients face their fears head on, which Goran opens with in his masterclass! I also love the latest insights into scientific research showing us practical and proven ways to overcome our fears!"

Sara Bryant- EYT-500, RPC-C, Counsellor, Life Coach, Experienced Yoga Teacher, Loving Mother

“As a Clinical Counsellor, Life Coach, Yoga instructor and Facilitator, I’m a big advocate in helping my clients face their fears head on, which Goran does a great job of early into this masterclass. The first three chapters (Introduction, Self-Evaluation, and Growth Mindset ) target many of the biggest questions each of us must face if we're dedicated and ready to change and improve our lives. I also love the latest insights into neuroplasticity and how science is showing us that there are practical and effective ways to not only face but overcome our fears, and grow through the experience. Goran thank you for helping us remove the mental clutter, (something I speak to my clients about often, I liken it to disinfecting our thoughts) and for offering us a way to live a more authentic life!

Get Breakthrough Results!

Leveraging the latest in academically researched and science-backed cutting edge psychometric mindset coaching and cognitive therapy strategies, this one-of-a-kind self-guided online learning masterclass will show you HOW to accomplish your greatest goals, and WHY discovering, building, and focusing towards your strengths will not only make you unstoppable, it will create the breakthrough domino effect results needed to discover your purpose, master your career, and remove daily conflict and fear. Enroll in the Authentic You Masterclass to unlock and leverage your incredible untapped talents and personality strengths to transform your life!

  • 1. Career Clarity to Give You the Right Direction in Your Future!

  • 2. Discover the Proven Repeatable Steps to Career Promotions!

  • 3. Master your Personality Strengths to make you unstoppable!

  • 4. Remove Fear, Conflict, and Toxic Forces holding you back!

  • 5. Master Your Mindset, Sleep, Diet, and Physical Well-Being!

  • 6. Develop the Three Pronged Approach to Build Your Wealth!

  • 7. Transform your Workplace Image and Personal Brand!

  • 8. Learn the latest in Goal-Setting to Make Your Dreams a Reality

  • 9. Master the Power of Beakthrough Goals to Transform Your Life

  • 10. Learn the Formula to Earning Six-Figures by living as the Authentic You!

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  • Career Quiz - Free!

    FREE: Are you interested in finding a Career path that's actually RIGHT for you? If you're looking for your first job, or are years in and needing to make a transition, this Career Quiz will identify if you prefer 'directive,' 'social,' 'methodical,' 'objective' or 'innovative' work and more!

  • Personality Test - Bonus!

    BONUS: After you've completed the 10 minute x 50 question Career Quiz in the very first module, then take the Personality Test recommended by academics in the next module. This will help you ensure your new potential career path ALSO is leveraging your best and strongest personality traits.

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The Only Professional & Scientific Guide to Master Your Career Today!

This masterclass is the most real-world and science-backed course in achieving and mastering what it means to truly understand the career and life path right for you.

Years in the making, it is also the ONLY masterclass course of its kind! 

Within the incredible value packed selection of Lessons, Worksheets, Toolkit Guides and Quizzes, are easy to follow routines, daily habits, and mindset principles based on proven psychometric scientific studies & research.

These behavioural modern day personal growth strategies are designed to empower you to master your greatest strengths and talents, and also add more peace and balance in your day.

Whether you’re looking for a new career, transitioning to slow down, or navigate your compass with more passion, purpose, and fulfillment in your life, or simply here to sharpen your skills, to learn the latest in cutting-edge Goal Setting Strategies for 2021, this course will help you unlock, nurture, and master what it means to be the incredible, the powerful, Authentic You.  


The Authentic You Masterclass was Designed For

  • The Traveller, Without A Compass

    Are you feeling lost with your life? Are you uncertain in your career? Are you spending the majority of each day without any passion or drive? Are you faking your way through work, unclear of how the work you do today might also align to your purpose? Or are you just trying to survive, knowing you could be doing so much more, but feel stuck? Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know what fulfills you? And if so, are you working towards it? Are you ready to add more direction and fulfillment in your life, without sacrificing everything you've achieved thus far? Are you ready for something new?

  • The Sprinter, Without Brakes

    Are you burnt out, running at 100 miles per hour, unsure of how to slow down? When was the last time you had balance in your life? Are you constantly in conflict? Or are conflicts finding you? Are you running on empty, absent from those you love? Is your health suffering? Are you sleeping? Eating well? Are you exercising? Do you have inner peace? Are you worried what all this might be doing to your mind and body? Are you worried how your actions might be impacting others? Are you ready to add more peace to your life? Are you ready to add more energy and resilience to your life?

  • The Explorer, Sharpening Your Skills

    Life is good, but you know you can do even better. Are looking for ways to optimize, re-energize, and sharpen your skills? Are you here for the awesome experience that prioritizing personal growth brings? Are you on a continuous journey that includes your personal development? Are you ready to work towards discovering and leveraging even more of the awesome qualities that got you this far today, using the latest in science-backed cutting edge goal setting strategies? Are you ready to move even closer to what it means to be the awesome, the unstoppable, Authentic You?

The Masterclass Bonus Material!

PLUS New Audio & Videos Added Each Month to Support All Learning Styles!

  • 12 Toolkit Guides

    Get access to easy to follow Checklists, Toolkits and Guides including 12 Free Digital Apps for Exercise, Meditation, Sleep & Mental Health, The 16 Week Daily Habits Tracker, 20 Daily Ways to Live your Authentic Life, Assertiveness Training, Become One Thing Exercise, Life Map & 6 Month Goal Setting Guide and more!

  • My Real Life Underdog Story

    My personal real life underdog story. How I went from broke and jobless, sleeping on an air mattress at a friends place for months, to 6-figure consultant, doubling my salary not once but twice over 5 years as I applied the Life Foundations Principles, Daily Habits, and Career Advice I lay out step-by-step in this masterclass!

  • 2021 Goal Setting Strategies

    Did you know most companies & organizations still use Goal Setting methods that over 60 years old!? This masterclass includes cutting edge Goal Setting Strategies incorporating the latest in neuroplasticity, psychometrics, mindfulness, meditation, breath-work, plus Olympic level mindset coaching & more!

The Human Problem Is Real

There's a big problem out there, right now, that no one is talking about. 

It's being amplified by the Global Pandemic, and yet, no one is addressing it...until now. 

It's something called The Human Problem, because as bad as you might feel right now about certain things in your life, the truth is, there are many others, millions in fact, who feel similar to you. 

All of us, in many ways, are connected in this very real Human Problem...

Why are there so many people in careers, roles and jobs that are completely wrong for them?

Why do so many of us get turned down for the promotions we deserve?

Why are there so many of us depressed, or not fully satisfied with our lives?  

Why are there so many of us who can't sleep at night?

Why are we worrying all the time

Why have some of us lost our spark?

Why have some of us lost our passion, joy, and excitement for LIFE?

Why are we still living with so much conflict, anxiety, and stress everyday of our lives?

WHY can't we tap into our incredible strengths and talents to completely change our careers and transform our lives?

...But what if ALL OF THIS was because...

We never learned: 

HOW to live our Authentic Lives?...

Masterclass Testimonials

Here's what everyone is saying...

"With the current situation surrounding the Pandemic, more and more people need the clarity and insight that this course offers in order to step out of this repetitive cycle of unhappiness"

Joel Peterson - Founder, Arbutus Search Group Inc.

With the current situation surrounding the Pandemic, more and more people need the clarity and insight that this course offers in order to step out of this repetitive cycle of unhappiness. As the founder of Arbutus Search Group Inc. I have seen the positive and negative effects of the Pandemic on employees. Many people are looking for change, inspiration and even a little guidance. I think many of those people will benefit from this course. I’m no stranger to some of the very effective goal setting strategies Goran explains in his course, and what it takes to create something from scratch. What I loved the most in this masterclass is how it explains the steps and importance in understanding our own purpose with more clarity, and how we can work towards assigning purpose to our personal or professional life goals. Great course. Well done Goran!" Joel

Masterclass Testimonials

Here's what everyone is saying...

"This material opened my eyes to a new world of who I wanted to be and how to get there. I transformed my Personal Brand at work and the level of harmony in my life!"

Rosie Zhang, Financial Controller

“After just a few weeks of leveraging the materials in this course, I now have less conflict in my life. People see me differently at my job, and treat me with the respect I deserve. I'm a more patient person now, placing more value on my relationships at home and at work. I also know it's not my responsibility to fix everyone else’s problems, which caused unnecessary stress in my life. The Personality Test and Self-Evaluation sections also showed me my strengths and areas I need to work on. Goran's course helped me dig into the root issues and look back in my life to find clues in resolving today’s issues. Indeed, life, work, growing experience are all linked in the person we are and who we become. Thank you Goran for this excellent course! -Rosie”

Masterclass Testimonials

Here's what everyone is saying...

"This masterclass has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me that I previously would not have had the confidence to move into. It's improved my career today, and my future prospects. It's also added the balance I needed for personal self-growth."

Bill Lamont, Business Transformation Consultant

"I have been a ‘sprinter without brakes’ for years, with the belief that the best way to succeed in my career is by always agreeing to take on and deliver more and more regardless of the excess hours it may take (70+hours per week). This created a self-fulfilling cycle whereby my work has been prioritised over everything else impacting my health and family life. But the good news is things have recently changed, particularly due to the time I've invested in learning and applying the lessons from Goran's masterclass. These days, by leveraging the concepts and principles of Self-Evaluation in the masterclass, I have been able to re-prioritise my working efforts to focus on doing what truly adds value rather than say "yes" to everything. This has led to an improved balance between by my work and personal time resulting in a happier family life as well as a renewed passion for change delivery activity that keeps my fellow work colleagues and clients satisfied. Goran's masterclass has also provided me with practical guidance to change my mindset from only taking the relative security of permanent roles to seeking out shorter term project-based contracts. This has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for me that I previously would not have had the confidence to move into thereby improving my future prospects and personal self-growth. It goes without saying that I highly recommend this masterclass - if you are ready and willing to take the next steps to better control and improve your life!"

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Growth Mindset 

 10 Lessons | $76 Value

Purpose Mastery 

 5 Lessons | $38 Value

Power of Action 

 5 Lessons | $38 Value

The Science of The Mind 

 9 Lessons | $68 Value

Life Foundations Mastery 

 11 Lessons | $84 Value

Inspired Daily Habits 

 12 Lessons | $91 Value

Goal Setting 2021 Strategies 

 10 Lessons | $76 Value

Personal Growth Strategies 

 5 Lessons | $76 Value

Authentic You Toolkit Guides 

 5 Lessons | $76 Value

The Authentic You 

 5 Lessons | $45 Value

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Masterclass Testimonials

Here's what everyone is saying...

"It's time business owners and leaders prioritize and action their employee purpose and experience for everyone's benefit! "

Kalina Donald - Founder, CXIO (Chief eXperiential Innovation Officer), humanizeX and TBX Strategist.

"This masterclass is not just beneficial to individuals, it's also a HUGE benefit for companies who truly appreciate their employees. It's for forward thinking business leaders who know what fully engaged, purpose-driven employees can mean for a company's success. Meaning, by investing your resources' time, talent, and energy in their very own personal growth, you not only improve engagement, but ALSO productivity and your bottom line, as a result. This also means attracting and retaining TOP talent who aren’t just interested in more money or an extra day off. It’s a win win for everyone. 'Employee Purpose' and 'Experience' is something we're still not actioning enough in the workplace – so Goran, thank you for creating and sharing this masterclass with the world."

Masterclass Testimonials

Here's what everyone is saying...

"As a pharmacist, I can't understate the importance of the mind and body connection. I'm a big advocate of daily habits that improve our health and lives."

Marisol, Pharmacist

“There is so much great content in this masterclass! I'm a big advocate in the mind-body connection and that it all starts via self-evaluation. What works for one person may not work for another. This is covered in the masterclass intro and self-evaluation sections, and also in the growth mindset, personal growth and life foundations areas. The psychometrics personality test within chapter 2 is also an excellent way to help us understand our personality types, habit triggers, and opportunity areas. The Feynman learning technique was new to me at the end of each chapter, this is a great way to see if someone really understands what they learned! I think I might try it on my husband! But seriously, it's a great technique to learn new concepts. Thanks again Goran!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I get with this Masterclass?

    Depending on the package you choose, you'll get a 1 Year unlimited access, or Monthly Access to this incredible, value packed masterclass, including 12 Chapters you can complete at your own pace weekly. That means if you only have 20 minutes per week or want to dedicate a few hours each week, the choice is yours!

  • What is the difference between "1-Year Unlimited Access" & "Premium Monthly Membership Access?"

    "1-Year Unlimited" means you'll get access to ALL the content at the time of your enrollment, which unlocks as you complete each prerequisite section, AND new videos as they arrive. This means with 1-year unlimited you get full access so you can go at your own pace, at any time! "Premium Monthly Membership Access" means Chapter 1, filled with Lessons, a Survey, Assignment, and Quiz, will be unlocked for you on the day you enroll, and then every 30 days thereafter you'll get subsequent Masterclass Chapters weekly, filled with the next round of Lessons, Guides, Quizzes and Assignments, PLUS new videos, audio files and lessons exclusive to Premium Monthly Members each week!

  • What does a Chapter in the Masterclass include?

    A Chapter in the Masterclass includes a variety of science-backed and researched Lessons (also called modules or sections), and other great real life stories and professional or personal lessons, and may include one or more Worksheet Assignment that you can download, save to your computer, and work through at your own pace. Chapters also include Quizzes and another special kind of test to see if you really learned the material! See the course curriculum above for a breakdown of each value-packed chapter!

  • How long is this Masterclass?

    Well that depends on you. This course was designed as a 1-year learning guide not to be rushed through. As explained in the 'How to Use This Course' section, it's your choice if you want to spend 20 minutes per week or longer. You decide. I know some of you are speed readers, and prefer to go through the material quickly. But if you truly want to master and embrace the long term and life changing benefits and rewards from this course, try to dedicate around 20 minutes per week if you can.

  • When does my enrollment start?

    Once you register, your enrollment begins immediately. As a self-directed guide, this masterclass was designed for you to go at your own speed, so there's no pressure to start on day one. You truly can go at your own pace.

  • Can I go back and take a lesson or quiz or assignment over again?

    Yes! Once you get started, you can go back to any Chapter, which includes Lessons, Assignments or Quiz and review it again, or redo it, if you like. So for instance if you just finished Module 10.2 in Chapter 10 on "The Most Important Personality Trait" to reaching your goals, you can easily go back to Chapter 2 and retake your personality test again, to see how it compares to yours!

  • What if I don't like the course? Can I get my money back?

    While I'm confident you'll enjoy this masterclass and its many benefits, I understand if you decide it's not for you. So, for your peace of mind and protection, every enrollment to this masterclass is protected by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee!

  • I still have questions, how can I contact you?

    Yes of course. You can contact me at And if you want to discuss the course in more detail we can setup a phone call as required.

Masterclass Testimonials

Here's what everyone is saying...

“This masterclass is one of the most professionally written courses I've ever taken! It really is loaded with great wisdom and exercises to help us discover what it means to live as our authentic selves."

Scott Janzen P.Eng - CEO, REYMI Management Inc., Sustainable Business Development

Scott has clarity of purpose and continues daily to align that purpose with his goals in his life. These days Scott is most interested in mastering ways to sharpen his skills, and optimize life via new experiences while helping others develop and grow... “This masterclass is one of the most professionally written courses I've ever taken! It really is loaded with great wisdom and exercises to help us discover what it means to live as our authentic selves. I love the "Happiness Pillars Exercises" which offers a framework for many restorative additions to your day, including my daily Wim Hof routine and Happy Body exercises. All of these routines help us connect mind, body, and soul through daily intentional action. The most important thing we do everyday for our health is to breathe. Breath-work, cold exposure, meditation and intentional discomfort all help us understand our physical and mental limits and provides techniques to overcome our physical, emotional and mental barriers. Thanks again for all this great content! Love the quizzes at the end of each chapter too!"

Not Sure? 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm passionate and confident about this masterclass and the changes it will help you bring to your life.  But if you're still not sure, know that my parents raised my right, and that you are protected with a full 100% no questions asked, money-back guarantee that lasts for 30 days from the time of your purchase. This means I'll refund your purchase in full.


Masterclass Testimonials

Here's what everyone is saying...

"Goal Setting Clarity is one of the biggest things I’ve learned from this masterclass. I’ve added a much needed ‘goal section’ to my work task whiteboard at home, and I now see the value of aligning my actions to my personal and professional career goals."

Chris Nelson, Director of Consulting

Chris is a busy father of two and a Director in the IT Professional Services industry in Alberta. I asked Chris to help me as a beta tester in this course and am very grateful for his awesome insights and feedback that have made this masterclass even better... “Goran thank you for trusting in me to help review this masterclass! In doing this, my goal was not only to help out a good friend but also to improve myself personally. Often feeling like a "traveler without a compass", I knew that I was in good hands! Goal Setting Clarity is one of the biggest things I’ve learned from this masterclass. I’ve added a much needed ‘goal section’ to my work task whiteboard at home, and I now see the value of aligning my actions to my personal and professional career goals. For example, I've set personal goals like "learn one new thing a day." You've also helped me to identify areas in my life that need some attention and better focus. You've taught be about the importance of reflection, meditation, and flow. For me, I have a much stronger awareness of my purpose and dream questions, which I'm still working on today. And thank you Goran! The passion and effort to consolidate all these articles, studies, tests, research papers, and stories are a testament to just how dedicated you are in creating a masterclass that can change our lives. I love how raw and real you get by sharing your very own underdog story. It makes you very relatable and down to earth, and makes it more impressive in terms of what you have done with your life. A great lesson in your story for us all." Chris N.

The Authentic You: Life Foundations Masterclass

"Premium Monthly Membership" means you'll receive a new Masterclass Chapter each month PLUS Member-Only Video & Audio Lessons and Exclusive Members-only Access To The Authentic You Masterclass Community Group!

About the Author: Goran Yerkovich

"I've spent years interviewing, researching, & testing out the very best personal growth & career development strategies hand-selected for this masterclass! I hope you enjoy the journey & the results this course brings!"

Consultant, Founder of

Goran Yerkovich

Hi I'm Goran Yerkovich, PMI, BA, IIBA, CSM. As a Corporate Consultant I've worked with some of the biggest companies across Canada and today my focus is bringing the best career and professional advice to you and your business in my  first ever-one-of-a-kind online Masterclass!  Because the most important thing I've learned is that the best and most successful companies always have the most engaged employees. And that a happy, fulfilled, and productive employee is one who is working within their strengths, building on them, within a healthy team environment. Personally, my mission is to help you reach your biggest career goals and ambitions by showing you what you'll need in your career to succeed, and how unlocking your greatest strengths, as in actually working towards them, really will make you unstoppable.  And I have my very own underdog story to prove it.  I'm also the Founder of the 2017 online magazine and personal development site:, with over 150 articles researched, tested, and written covering the latest in educational, science-backed personal growth and proven professional career development strategies. And there are plenty of great interviews too!  My articles have been published and read over 2 million times in over 100 countries thanks to features on,,,, with thousands of his articles read each week across a variety of online platforms.  I also have 14 Years Consulting, Business Analysis & Project Management experience in Private & Public Sectors for many billion dollar organizations, launching products and services in Business and IT for major national banks, telecom leaders & even American e-commerce giants, totalling over 100 million dollars.